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Thorough Legal Representation for Federal Employees Nationwide

Michigan and Ohio attorney handles worker claims, hearings and appeals

At Joel J. Kirkpatrick, P.C., our mission is to provide exceptional legal services to clients who are facing issues of great consequence to their lives.  Clients we serve generally are at risk of losing their freedom or their careers through criminal prosecution or administrative processes. We take our responsibilities seriously, fully applying our knowledge, skill and resources, knowing that the results we achieve will have a lasting impact. We are available to assist new clients on all matters related to:

Enviable reputation based on quality legal service

Joel J. Kirkpatrick, P.C. enjoys a reputation for thoroughness and preparedness within the legal community. Our process begins with close collaboration with our clients. We work together to establish the facts of the case, identify goals and design a strategy to achieve them. Our commitment to excellent representation includes close attention to our clients and the details of their cases. We offer a full explanation of all their legal options, which allows them to make informed decisions about the direction of their cases. We are patient, allowing our clients as much time as they need to gather their thoughts and draw conclusions. Throughout the procedure, we keep you as our client updated on the status of your case, and promptly return all phone calls and email queries.

Dedicated to the highest principles of legal ethics

At Joel J. Kirkpatrick, P.C., we are drawn to service in keeping with the rich traditions of the legal profession. We seek just outcomes in every case, regardless of size. We are ethically bound to maintain client confidence, to advocate persistently and forcefully, and to conduct ourselves in a manner that gives and receives respect. We want our clients to be confident that when they retain our services, they are entitled to nothing less than the best.

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